About us

Our values

We emphasize the valuable contributions of:
  • Graduates, by instilling in them pride and gratitude;
  • Organizations: businesses, municipal agencies, community organizations, and government;
  • Parents and families;
  • Educational communities, by supporting their mission.

Our intentions

During the Hooked on School Days, we underscore the value of the progress made by the young person, and on Graduates’ Day, the value of the diploma obtained:
  • We are creating a movement to enhance the value of graduation;
  • We showcase the value that society places on graduation;
  • We enhance the value of completing a cycle and the milestone thus achieved;
  • We encourage young people to persevere and take pride in their degree;
  • We put special emphasis on the importance of graduation, as well as on the transition from elementary to secondary school;
  • We help young people fully appreciate the value of obtaining their degree.


Graduates Day was created in June 2020, when, because of the global health crisis, thousands of graduates across Quebec were unable to celebrate their graduation in style.

In light of these changing and uncertain times that affect the morale and daily lives of young people, the Réseau québécois pour la réussite éducative, Alloprof and Télé-Québec have joined forces to create Graduates Day: a public call to salute all those who have obtained a diploma or a qualification.

In addition to this recognition activity, Télé-Québec hosts a virtual evening reserved for high school graduates, the MAMMOUTH Ball.

Since its inception, Graduates Day has been wildly popular. The event has become Quebec-wide, reaching schools, young people’s families, policy makers and employers.

Here are a few examples:

  • Premier François Legault published his graduation photo on social networks, in 2021, to congratulate all those who are taking this important step.
  • 187 Quebec organizations spontaneously joined the initiative in 2020.