2022 Campaign

Showing pride in all our graduates

Completing a level of schooling or program is a fundamental step in a graduate’s academic career. Celebrating this milestone in their life is a way to congratulate them for their tenacity and dedication. It is also a way to recognize the great achievement of earning a diploma or qualification.
In Québec, the graduation ceremony, prom photo and prom are traditional rites to mark the end of school. They are also a way to symbolize the journey forward to new possibilities.

Let’s all celebrate this stage of their lives

Initiated in June 2020, by the Réseau québécois pour la réussite éducative, Alloprof and Télé-Québec, to compensate for the impossibility of holding gatherings and celebrations, Graduates Day is an opportunity to recognize the achievements of our graduates of all levels of schooling and programs. Whether they have earned a diploma, a qualification or taken another step, they all have their success in common. And they did it despite the pandemic of the last two years which added an additional layer of challenges. Through it all, our graduates managed to maintain their confidence and complete their elementary, secondary, adult education, vocational, college or university education.

Congratulations on their success

On June 17, we are invited to celebrate and congratulate all our graduates who have achieved this important milestone in their lives. Together, let’s generate a groundswell of recognition that is sure to instill a sense of pride in the Class of 2022 and remind them that all dreams are permitted, even the wildest.
Location: 5455, Gaspé av #200 Montreal, Quebec H2T 3B3

Word from the Organizers

Proud of our graduates

For the third year in a row, we—the Réseau québécois pour la réussite éducative, Alloprof and Télé-Québec—are extremely proud to renew our joint commitment to the recognition of all Québec graduates.
Initiated in 2020 to prevent our young people from losing interest in their graduation and qualification due to the health crisis that prohibited any gathering, Graduates Day has been a great virtual and collective celebration of all those who, at various levels of schooling and training, have completed their studies.
This commitment, which we share with a number of other actors in various sectors, shows the importance of diplomas and qualifications for our society.
It is by choosing to act together that we can reach a variety of targets and mobilize enough people to celebrate our youth who have managed to qualify with resilience and selflessness, especially during the pandemic.

Congratulate all graduates

Graduates Day is a key date where we generate public enthusiasm to underline the importance of graduation, both for recipients and those around them. By marking the educational or training pathway of a young person, a diploma or qualification brings much more than individual success.
The family and societal dimensions of these programs mean that all of us should work to encourage our young people to persevere and, especially, publicly applaud them when they reach the end of their studies. In this way we can show our pride and gratitude for their accomplishments.
On June 17, 2022, let’s join together in a groundswell of congratulations and celebrations for graduates of all levels of education and training. Because we are all proud of our graduates. It is our role as a society to positively reinforce the perception of the value of a diploma.

Showing our pride

In support of the 2022 graduating class, and in this wave of celebrations, we invite you to share your prom photo on social media, by tagging a young graduate in your life and adding the hashtag #Proudofourgraduates.
This will signify, not only our alliance with them, but also, our engagement in Québec’s broader society where we would like to see more graduates and qualified young people to ensure a better quality of life.

It’s a date: June 17, 2022. #Proudofourgraduates

Location: 5455, Gaspé av #200 Montreal, Quebec H2T 3B3